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Crush Gates & Equipment


Crush Gate (Heavy Duty)

Standard size is 27” (inside).


We also have the option of a 32” crush gate to suit larger stock.


The front crush gate is made from

three sections. This allows the gate to open out flat. This is beneficial, if for example, the gate is opening against a wall.


An extension bar can be added so that the headlock can be closed from further down the crush run.


The crush frame has pre-existing drilled holes for a head scoop, if you want to purchase one in the future.


Head Scoop

  • Versatile and will fit most crush gates.
  • The head scoop holds the animals head upright and reduces movement.
  • The handle is extra long to allow for more leverage.
  • Easily adjusted to suit various sizes of stock.
  • There is less pressure on the animals’ front feet when in the crush.
  • The head scoop ensures great safety when dosing, dehorning or testing.


Crush Race

  • 114mm Posts with the option of 3-6 holes.
  • Choice of 60mm and 48mm galvanised rails.
  • Creates a safe run with no sharp edges for cattle to catch on.
  • Run can also be made of panel gates instead of rails

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